Privacy Policy: The TL;DR Version

RCLogbook does not share any information it happens to collect with any third parties including clevertangerine. All information is kept in a local database on your device, which, at your direction, can be copied to your storage on a cloud provider such as Dropbox.

Privacy Policy

RCLogbook can collect the following types of information and uses these resources on your iOS device.

  • Location: RCLogbook may capture your location while you are logging an event or using map and location features in RCLogbook. RCLogbook uses location information to allow it to assoicate a location with events.
  • Photos: RCLogbook may access your Photo Library to provide a picture for a model. RCLogbook uses such photos in its user interface.
  • Camera: RCLogbook may access your camera to scan RCLogbook barcodes. RCLogbook uses this access to allow it to configure events using its barcodes.
  • Accelerometers: RCLogbook may use this hardware to support the user interface.

RCLogbook asks for your permission before accessing any of these resources for the first time using the standard iOS permission requests.

You may prevent RCLogbook from accessing these resources through the RCLogbook page in the iOS Settings app or by denying access to the resource when prompted. Doing so may disable some features of the application. For example, RCLogbook will not log the location of an event if it is prohibited from accessing location information.

RCLogbook stores information from these resources within the RCLogbook database located on your device. If you request a backup of your database, RCLogbook may copy your full database to an account on a third-party cloud storage service (such as Dropbox) that you have explicitly linked with RCLogbook.

CleverTangerine Software and RCLogbook will not share any information that RCLogbook gathers or stores with any third-parties without your permission.

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